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 Registerd on codhook

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PostSubject: CodeHook List UO   Registerd on codhook I_icon_minitimeApril 10th 2010, 13:20

Here's the list of UO players that have a codehook account belonging to them:

Name renzo
GUID(s) d05db95e
IP(s) (Dynamic IP)

Name forcie
GUID(s) 1542cb99

Name eplz
GUID(s) edcf9b9a, aef714f1, 4aecdb20, af625ebe
(since this post, eplz has admitted to using this account for cod4 after denying it several times)

Name GLD
GUID(s) 14fc3b01, 897c5a9e, 8e351de2
(since this post, GLD has admitted to using this account for fun on public servers after he quit)

Name JZX
GUID(s) d8cfb9bd
IP(s) (Dynamic IP)

Name Alex
GUID(s) 437dbfb7
IP(s) (Dynamic IP)
(Alex has admitted to using codehook before for reasons that he was quitting cod)

These accounts were also found BUT they had already admitted to having an account in the past before this list was even made (so they probably no longer hack)

Name quikz
GUID(s) f9e71077, 65066651
IP(s) (Dynamic IP)

Name banana
GUID(s) 82bc0a52
IP(s), 90.216.*.224

Name Bambucha
GUID(s) 76ba9687, 86164bb3

Name brit / tbz
GUID(s) 302cb00a
IP(s) (Dynamic IP)

Name twix
GUID(s) c13bf115, 58cda522
IP(s) (Dynamic IP)

Name stewie
GUID(s) 7eeb146f, e92ff6fe, 2296e4fa
IP(s), 213.134.*.156

NOTE: This by no means is everybody that has codehook. This is just the people that have been caught so far so there may still be more to come.
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Registerd on codhook
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